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Porosit Web offers various types of marketing starting from Billboards to TV ads

How important is marketing to the success of a business?

Marketing is often referred to as the knowledge of selling products, a key part of a business. Choosing a marketing strategy plays a role in selecting the target audience. A good marketing strategy will bring more customers to your business.

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So the importance of marketing for a business plays a key role in the operation and profitability of that business. We enable your business to be heard across Kosovo in all possible areas, such as television, internet, or street billboards.

What kind of marketing do we offer?

From the most basic to the most complex ones, we offer the most affordable prices on the market. PorositWeb offers marketing of all kinds from:

  • TV channels
  • Billboards
  • Newspapers
  • Portals

We offer the lowest costs on TV advertising channels like RTK, Klan Kosova, KTV, RTV 21 etc. We also offer Billboarda advertising at the most affordable prices on the market.

With the partnership of many portals we also offer advertising through sites that have daily high visitor traffic.

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