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Web Design

PorositWeb is specialized in developing and designing innovative and unique web pages

Web Design, Domain and Hosting

PorositWeb is specialized in developing and designing innovative and unique web pages. Our goal is to develop websites that are catchy, attractive, search engine friendly and easy to maintain. Our team has the expertise needed to respond to your inquiries by successfully establishing your Internet presence.

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The steps of the design process

We begin the design process by analyzing the material we have received from you. We make sketches on sheets of paper, and then transform it into electronic design using programs like Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe XD, etc.

The websites we design for you tend to be:

  • Original
  • Unique
  • Have the look, individuality and originality based on your company logo or image.

This presents the image of your company. Our goal during this process is the design and making navigation easier, to maximize the visual interest of your site while respecting the time of your visitors.

During this process we:

  • Create different styles of graphic design.
  • Do the page architecture, document structure, titles, positioning etc.
  • Test sites and make sure they are compatible with all the browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera…
  • Optimize and customize the pages at all monitor resolutions, then optimize colors using secure color palettes for the internet.
  • Calculate and test web design standards and adjust the size of the pages for faster internet access
  • Optimize the look of the graphics for web media
  • Ensure easy, intuitive and customer-friendly navigation

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